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Youth Services


Youth Services' main focus is on our younger population. We provide reader's advisory to beginning readers, help older children pick out chapter books, and recommend novels and advanced books for teens and young adults. The Youth Services Department conducts several "Story Time" sessions per week, and offers many craft and educational workshops for our younger patrons. Computers and printing are also available for homework, entertainment, or research in the YS Department. We are located on the second floor of the library. Turn left when you exit the stairwell or elevator.


A StoryWalk® is an innovative way to get people of all ages out walking while reading children's picture books. Visit one the locations below, take a walk with your family, and read and follow the prompts on each story page. 

Raindrops to RainbowsFutrell Park
Raindrops to Rainbow
by John Micklos
"Being stuck inside with gray rain clouds looming makes a young girl wish for a blue sky day, but when the weather clears up and the yellow sun shines, raindrops give way to bright, bold colors that are worth the wait."

And Then Comes SummerSavannah’s Playground
And The Comes Summer
by Tom Brenner
"From flip-flops and hide and seek to fireworks and ice-cream trucks, there is something for everyone in this bright and buoyant celebration of the summer season."

It All Began with LemonadeClaire Chapin Epps Family YMCA
It Began with Lemonade
by Gideon Sterer
"A young girl struggles to find a space for her lemonade stand in her crowded city and ultimately sets up shop at a river where she serves a menagerie of wildlife and fantastical creatures."

Did you enjoy your StoryWalk? Try one of these stories...

Storywalk Read-alikes

ISBN: 9780449814307
Title: Bringing the outside in
Author: Siddals, Mary McKenna, author.
ISBN: 9781423103004
Title: City Dog, Country Frog
Author: Willems, Mo.
ISBN: 9780525427841
Title: How to two
Author: Soman, David.
ISBN: 1561459240
Title: Little One
Author: Weaver, Jo.
ISBN: 9781416985808
Title: All the world
Author: Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton.
ISBN: 9781442434127
Title: Boom boom
Author: Naberhaus, Sarvinder.
ISBN: 9781626725362
Title: A perfect day
Author: Smith, Lane, author, illustrator.
ISBN: 9781481459181
Title: Sometimes rain
Author: Fleming, Meg, author.
ISBN: 9781481441391
Title: This beautiful day
Author: Jackson, Richard, 1935- author.
ISBN: 9780761362036
Title: A leaf can be--
Author: Salas, Laura Purdie.
ISBN: 9781481462785
Title: Green on green
Author: White, Dianne, author.
ISBN: 9781609050627
Title: Do you know which ones will grow?
Author: Shea, Susan A.
ISBN: 9780547315836
Title: Swirl by swirl : spirals in nature
Author: Sidman, Joyce.
ISBN: 9780399169137
Title: Daniel finds a poem
Author: Archer, Micha, author, illustrator.
ISBN: 9781626721371
Title: Now
Author: Portis, Antoinette, author, illustrator.
ISBN: 9781328866820
Title: Outside in
Author: Underwood, Deborah, author.
ISBN: 9780593109649
Title: Wonder walkers
Author: Archer, Micha, author, illustrator.
ISBN: 9781419728518
Title: They say blue
Author: Tamaki, Jillian, 1980- author, illustrator.