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A public library operated by the City of Myrtle Beach
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Wednesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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Interlibrary Loan

As an extension of Information Services, Inter Library Loans (ILLs) are offered to Chapin Library patrons to help them obtain materials needed that Chapin Library does not offer or own.  The Library searches through the SC State Library, Horry County Library System and OCLC WorldShare.

Requests for new items that are less than 1 year old (from the release date) cannot be fulfilled via inter-library loan. Please use our Request for Purchase form to suggest an addition for our collection. Please fill out one form per title requested. Requests are limited to full-access library card holders.

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This is found on the back of your library card.
Enter the item's standard book number, serial number, or unique product code.
Some libraries charge additional lending fees above and beyond usual handling costs. Enter the maximum amount you would be willing to pay if the lending library charges the Chapin Memorial Library an additional fee.
I agree
By checking the box above, I agree to pay up to the maximum charge stated above if the lending library requires an additional service charge not covered by Chapin Memorial Library. I also agree to pay overdue charges of $1.00 per day, per item for items returned past their due date. I understand that any requested inter-library loan not claimed will result in a charge of $5.00 per item assessed to my account.
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