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A public library operated by the City of Myrtle Beach
Hours :
Saturday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
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Copy | Fax | Scan

Copy Machine

The copy machine is located near the Customer Service Desk in the lobby on the first floor.  Black and white copies are $0.15 per side, and color copies are $0.25 per side. Cash only.

Fax:  843-918-1288

Faxes can be sent and received at the library. The cost is $2.00 for the first 2 sheets (sent or received), and $0.25 for each additional sheet per fax number. No fax will be sent 30 minutes before closing. When having documents faxed to the library, please make sure your name is on the first page and legible. If necessary, add a cover page so we can identify the owner of the documents.

Document Scanner

Using our self-serve Library Document Station™ located upstairs in the Information Services Department, users are able to scan documents, book pages, or photos, and convert them to PDF, JPEG, PNG or Microsoft Word format. The scanned files can then be sent to a mobile device, emailed, or copied to a user-supplied USB drive. The minimum fee is $1.00 per scan job. Once the minimum fee has been met, additional scanned pages are $0.10 each. Scanned files can also be printed out through our existing print payment system. Regular printing fees apply.