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A public library operated by the City of Myrtle Beach
Hours :
Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Bag O' Books

Youth Services staff will select 20 books for young children, check them out, bag them up, and deliver them curbside to you! Just fill out the form and select which types of books you are looking for. Library Staff will notify you within 2 business days when your bag is ready for pickup.

This is the long number located on the back of your library card.
This helps staff make better selections to include in the bag.
Book Format(s) :
Check all formats that you want added to your bag.\n(Board books are printed on cardboard stock and are intended for babies and toddlers. Picture books contain illustrations and stories, but a grown-up may have to read them. Beginning Readers are geared towards young readers who learning how to read by themselves.)
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