About Information Services

The Information Services (IS) Department is responsible for helping patrons get the information they need. From looking up books or movies in the catalog, to database research help with projects or assignments. The IS Staff can show users how to download e-books, or how do find something on the Internet. When not assisting patrons, IS Staff are behind the scenes managing serials, inter-library loans, and arranging library programs. Internet computers, printing, and other devices are also available for public use in the IS Department. The IS Department is located on the second floor of the library. Turn right when you exit the stairwell or elevator.


Computer Access

The Chapin Memorial Library provides Internet capable computers running the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and Microsoft Office365 software suite for public use. 

There are 18 standard computers, plus 1 additional computer for visually impaired patrons in the Information Services Department. The Youth Services Department has 4 public computers and 3 AWE Learning Computers. Please refer to the Computer Internet Policy for acceptable computer use, and the Child Computer Safety and Internet Safety Policy for users under the age of 17.

All computers are capable of printing in black and white or color. Costs are $0.15 per page black and white, and $1.00 per page color. Credit is added to a seperate print account, and costs are debited from the account when pages are printed. Please see a staff member in the Customer Service Department to add credit to your print account.

Logging In :

Users may choose their own seat, however logon credentials are required to access the computer desktop:

  • Chapin Library Cardholders
    Library cardholders in good standing can log in with their library barcode and PIN for two, 2-hour sessions per day.* Myrtle Beach City residents are encouraged to apply for their FREE Chapin Memorial Library card.
  • Visitors & Non-City Residents
    Guests using the library can register at the Customer Services Department for a Computer Access Card. The guest access card is good for 90 days and is limited to one, 90-minute session per day.*

* - Subject to change.


Devices for Use

In the Information Services Department:

  • Netbook Computers
    The library has 4 netbook style computers running Windows 7 operating system. The netbooks are equiped with the OpenOffice word processing software suite, Google Chrome, and integrated webcams.The computers are available for Chapin Library cardholders in good standing. Netbooks can only be used inside the Information Services Department only for two, 2-hour sessions per day.
  • Typewriter
    An electronic typewriter is available for public use in the Information Services Department. Patrons must supply their own paper.
  • Microfilm
    The library has 2 microfilm/microfiche reader-prinnters available for use in the Information Services Department. Black and white prints are possible from the machines. The cost is $0.10 per page. Cash/coins only.
  • Computer Projector
    A portable computer projector is available for use* in the small meeting room in the Information Services Department. The projector has a standard RGB inport port , as well as a high-def HDMI port. The projector and room must be booked in advance. Please contact library staff in the Information Services Department.

* - Subject to availability.


Technology Essentials

The Friends of the Chapin Memorial Library sell technology accessories at the Customer Serice Desk in the main lobby. Pricing is as follows:

  • Earbuds : $2.00
  • USB Flash Drive (1GB) : $4.00