OverDrive is an electronic book service that allows library patrons to download books and audiobooks to your smartphone, tablet, portable device, or computer. No overdue fines to worry about. Chapin Memorial Library cardholders in good standing can download and borrow up 5 titles at any given time from the Palmetto Library Consortium. You set your own due date (prior to downloading). Are you a fast reader? Set your due date to one week. Are you planning on reading a longer novel by George R.R. Martin or Stephen King? Maybe set your checkout to 2 weeks or longer.

The best way to experience an OverDrive eBook is with the Libby App. Download and install it on your mobile device or read online at libbyapp.com . OverDrive books are compatible with Amazon Kindle Paperwhites, but require a few more steps to transfer the book to the device. 

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Download and read popular digital magazines such as Rolling Stone, Family Circle, National Geographic, and Highlights directly ithrough your desktop web browser. Or for users on the go, download the Flipster app and read on your mobile device or tablet. Flipster software is compatible with Android, Apple iOS, and Amazon Kindle.

Chapin Memorial Library patrons can download as many issues as desired... No limits. There are no expiration dates either. When you're finished, just close your browser or delete the item from the app. Back issues are also available. Just click on the current issue, and then look for the "All Issues" button. Printing is available, but options vary depending on publisher.

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Hoopla - Streaming Servicehoopla

Hoopla digital is a free streaming service where users can access thousands of audiobooks, eBooks, comics, movies and TV shows. The hoopla digital collection includes fan favorite movies, newly released albums, New York Times bestselling titles and exclusive STEAM educational content.

Chapin Memorial Library cardholders in good standing can borrow up to 6 titles per month. Titles check themselves in automatically when they're due. No overdue fines to worry about. Audio-visual content can be streamed to most smart TVs using the Hoopla app, and is compaitable with Chromcast, FireTV and Roku. First time users need to register with an email account and have their library card ready. Click on the blue "Get Started Today" button on the front page to begin the registration process. For additional information and help click here.

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Kanopy logoKanopy

Kanopy is a video streaming service that provides ad-free, quality, and thoughtful entertainment to public libraries and their patrons. Find movies, documentaries, foreign films, classic cinema, independent films, and educational videos that inspire, enrich and entertain.

New users should click the orange "Add Library Card" button from their main page and create a Kanopy account. Existing users can simply sign in with their Kanopy username and password. Users may view up to 8 adult titles per month for 3 days each. Films accessed from the "Kanopy Kids" portal have unlimited viewing. Kanopy works with most smart phones, tablets, smart TVs, and streaming devices. For additional information and help click here.

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TumbleBooks are animated, talking picture books, chapter books and read-alongs for kids. They're a great way to encourage tech-savvy kids to enjoy reading. TumbleBooks can be streamed right in the web browser. (Adobe Flash is required.) Or, download and install the app on your Android or Apple iOS mobile device and enjoy on the go. No limits or due dates to worry about. Enjoy!


TumbleMath LogoTumbleMath (Grade K-6)

TumbleMath is the most comprehensive collection of math picture books you will find anywhere. All in the amazing TumbleBook format complete with animation and narration. The books are accompanied by supplementary materials such as lesson plans and quizzes.


Teen Book CloudTeen Book Cloud (Grade 7-12)

A robust selection of graphic novels, enhanced novels, eBooks, classic literature, National Geographic videos, educator resources, and audiobooks.