Storytime Themes 

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 Special Messages:


                                                                                              Spring 2014     STORYTIME THEMES    

                                                                      April 2014




                                   Week of April 1st                            Rise & Shine






                                   Week of April 8th                            Owls






                                   Week of April 15th                         Spring Break -----No Storytimes


                                   Week of April 22nd                       Library Time       





                                    Week of April 29th                         Garden                           




                                                                                        May 2014



                                                Week of May 6                                Picnics                       




                                                Week of May 13                              Catarpillars & Butterflies





                                                Week of May 20                               Picky Eaters           




                                                Week of May 27                               No Storytimes






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                                                                      Updated 4/22/2014

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